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    Pendant Necklaces

    Scarlatti Ice delivers the most fashionable  and iconic hip hop pendants because of our promise of combining inventive designs with the most cutting-edge technology. All of our pendants come plated in 14K or 18K gold or rhodium to provide the best shine and protection possible. Meanwhile, our pendants include handset, CZ stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts. 
    Pendant Love €75,00 €95,00
    Pendant Star €49,00 €69,00
    Pendant Cross €59,00 €75,00
    Pendant Esskeetit €79,00 €98,00
    Pendant Skeleton Heart €79,00 €109,00
    Pendant Clown €85,00 €119,00
    Pendant Bad Cupid €67,00 €89,00
    Pendant M Cross €65,00 €85,00
    Pendant Smile €85,00 €98,00
    Pendant Spider €73,00 €89,00
    Pendant Pray Gesture €65,00 €79,00
    Pendant Mask Diamond €69,00 €89,00